Common Questions to Ask a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Common Questions to Ask a Medical Malpractice LawyerYou had a visit to the doctor for advice and treatment, but instead suffered from negligence. Maybe it was during the normal procedure; Maybe it was an operation. You may have been given too much or too little medicine, or your condition was incorrectly diagnosed and treated incorrectly. Whatever injury you may have, you decide to go to a Medical Malpractice lawyer to find out if you have a complaint, but do you know what to ask during your first meeting?

  •  Do you have experience with Medical Malpractice statements?
  • In my case, is there a statute of limitations or a period during which I need to file an application in order to be eligible for compensation?
  • What factors do you think can work in my favor and which ones can against me?
  • If I work with your company, who will be my regular contact person, who is on the Medical Malpractice team, and when can I expect a response from you?
  • Do you think this may be a settlement or will we have to go to court?
  • What do you think, what medical experts will confirm my case?
  • Do you work for contingencies?
  • Does your company pay all preliminary costs of the case, and are the costs of the case a problem for your company?
  • How to bring the doctor to account for negligence?

Asking these questions, you should begin to understand the philosophy of law firms and what you think they can effectively manage your case. Seek experience in cases like yours, as well as empathy for your situation. Working with people you trust can mean the difference between worrying about whether you are properly represented in court or believing that your lawyer will be on your side and uphold your rights according to established laws in the state.

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