Woman won $559M in the lottery wants to stay anonymous

Woman won $559M in the lotteryThey say that big money violates a healthy dream. That’s what happened to the winner of Powerball from New Hampshire, which at the beginning of the year thwarted a jackpot of $ 559.7 million.

Lucky girl found out about the win on January 6. Not even having to claim the prize, the woman was seriously concerned about her own safety. Fearing to be robbed or worse, the winner requires anonymity through the court.

She already managed to sign a winning ticket, following the rules of the lottery, but then realized that she had “committed a monstrous mistake.” The plaintiff, who conditionally calls herself Jane Doe, consulted with lawyers and learned that she has the right to confidentiality, and the ticket could be signed by a trustee.

The catch is that making any amendments to an already signed ticket automatically makes it invalid.

Dow would not have arranged an oral arrangement with representatives of the lottery about the non-disclosure of her identity – she wants confidentiality to be secured by a court decision.

The lawsuit says that divulging the real name of Doe would be a gross violation of the inviolability of her private life.

The court materials mention examples of winners of lotteries, who were victims of robbers, scammers and even murderers.

The Supreme Court of Hillsborough will consider the complaint of the woman on 21 February.

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