Eating dogs and cats banned in U.S. in House-passed bill

Eating dogs and cats banned in U.S. in House-passed billBefore the adoption of the law in 44 states out of 50 slaughter of domestic animals was legal.

The United States House of Representatives passed a law that banned the eating of cats and dogs in the United States, according to The Hill.

Buchanan raised the issue of the ban on animal consumption in 2017. His office made a statement that the practice of slaughtering cats and dogs, which is legal in 44 states, should be completely outlawed, because dogs and cats provide love and communication to millions of people.

According to the law, for the use of cats and dogs will follow a fine of up to $ 5000. The law also provides for the punishment for the delivery, sale and transportation of animals for the purpose of slaughter for human consumption.

One of the authors of the law, Democrat Alcee Hastings, said that now the House of Representatives plans to call on other countries to adopt a similar law so that the trade in the meat of cats and dogs is banned all over the world.

Exception for Indians

The only exception to the law was made for Indian tribes who use animals for religious rites, which is part of their culture.

The US House of Representatives is the House of Congress, which has representatives from every state. In their authority – the adoption of laws.

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