Why SEO Is Important For Law Firm

If you own a law business and you are interested in the secret of your competitors’ success, this article is just for you!

No wonder that in today’s world the main principle of creating a successful and profitable law firm is the promotion on the Internet.

However, simply creating a website would not be useful. Getting new visitors, or even better, new clients would require promotion of the site, which is known as search optimization.

In this article, I will explain to you how exactly SEO will help to grow your business and stand out from the competitors.

⦁ You should be easy to find

Not long ago the new business had to make significant investments in advertising or even rely on the word of mouth.

But now when we are living in the modern world, the major flow of the clients come from the Internet.

Every day thousands of people try to resolve their legal problems on the Internet. And nine of every 10 people use Google search engine.

And what does that mean to you? Well, with proper work of SEO expert, almost every person who is looking for an attorney will see and visit your site.

⦁ There are a lot of competitors out there

You know well that there are tons of lawyers all over your area. And the bad news is that you will never get rid of them. But the good thing is that you can become better than them in all ways. SEO analysis assesses competitors’ strategy in organic search and allows to compare it with your own.

Watching the strong competitors, you can use their experience to improve your project, and by analyzing the weaker ones you can avoid their mistakes.

⦁ PPC for legal searches – expensive and unnecessary

Though pay-per-click advertising is a popular marketing instrument, the benefits of using it by a law firm are in fact questionable.

The main disadvantage of PPC is the prices of legal-related searches. They are one of the most expensive keywords, which increases the costs of the project with no guarantee of new cases.

Pay-per-click is most commonly used in cases when it must be reached quick results in attracting customers. But at the same time, it has no impact on the development of the brand and more importantly on the enhancement of credibility. People tend to be suspicious of the advertisement.

SEO instruments are, in turn, less costly and more effective, although the significant achievements are visible after quite some time.

⦁ It’s all or nothing

Legal services are a competitive endeavor and the website search optimization for them is different from others. People who are looking for an attorney usually find them in the top three search results. And after that, they rarely change the lawyer.

It means that if your website is not near the top you will not get the clients at all. That’s why it is crucial to find an SEO expert who has significant experience in legal searches.

⦁ No one look at the second page

According to statistics, the top five search results gain attention from almost 70% of potential clients.

In the case of local search results, it is getting more complicated because you should rank in the top 3 of Google maps.

That is called the 3 Pack and it is the best place for a local business where you can rank.

Well, needless to say, almost no one bothers to look at “More results”.

To sum up the article, the promotion of the law firm requires a special approach by the experienced expert.

If you would like to find the company that can help your law firm to grow with SEO, our Local SEO Tampa Company would love to hear from you. Contact our SEO specialists today!

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