Trump Stops Short Of Full Endorsement Of Gun Proposals

Trump Stops Short Of Full Endorsement Of Gun ProposalsThe White House will begin work on the president’s initiative to create special courses for teachers who own weapons. Sounded by Donald Trump in early March the idea of ​​prohibiting the sale of weapons to persons under the age of 21, will not be implemented.

Experts explain the rejection of age restrictions for arms owners with a high probability of negative public reaction to this initiative.

As for other developments to reduce the tragic events in the US educational institutions, the Presidential Administration included in the plan of action tightening inspections for the presence of weapons and special programs to help people with mental problems. Also, the White House plans to recommend schools to hire security-related posts, war veterans and retired police officers.

According to the US Vice President, these proposals are “a pragmatic plan that in a short time will raise the level of security in schools and colleges.” The presidential administration ordered the creation of a special commission chaired by the US Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.

Recall, after the massacre at the school in Parkland (Florida) on February 14, Donald Trump said that, perhaps, teachers should arm themselves, later specifying that they should be given the right to carry firearms only after passing special training. According to the president, this will have a strong psychological effect on potential criminals, and will also allow teachers to respond quickly to the threat that has arisen.

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